Friday, July 01, 2011

Our Fight

"Your nails dug deeper on my skin,
Wanting to end the game and win.
I'm not weak, and I prove it to you,
Because what you want to do, I let you do.

It's your fault, in the first place,
If only I didn't hear any of your pace,
then I wouldn't have to fight you and try to beat,
I just wanted to punish myself in every bit.

However, you wouldn't even let me do,
You think you're preventing this feeling of blue,
Always reflected that you know all of me,
But don't you see that's only a maybe?

I have psychological sicknesses, and you wouldn't understand,
In my sorrowful or depressing days, I just need a helping hand.
But no - no amount of knowledge would pierce through your soul,
Maybe you didn't know that I have given to every obstacle my all.

And you hurt my muscle, as I tried to fight,
But yes, I did, even at this fortnight.
I know it's unreasonable, but it is to me.
Remember this: you really don't know me.

I rested on my bed, and I trembled in fear,
Wasting the night away in every tear.
Sometimes I wish I had no friends or family,
So that I could live in peacefully and harmony.

But what I told in the previous verse is a lie,
See? That's why I really deserve to die,
No, don't accompany me in every minute,
Trust me when I say you wouldn't like it.

Then you pushed my head on the floor,
Don't you think that would rape my every core?
See, that's why I'm irritated at you, because you wouldn't perceive.
And in this family we're in, patience and understanding, I conceive.

"You get what you deserve" - that's what they usually say,
Planning on how to escape the nightmare away.
I know I always fail because that's my middle name,
I just don't want to play God's stupid fucked-up game."

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